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An Italian traveler Marco Polo was the first to mention the Turkmen carpets in the XIII century. In the XXI chapter of his book he writes: “The finest and the most beautiful carpets are made here and rich fabric of red and other colour are woven here”. Even if by the time of Marco Polo the Turkmen carpets had reached such fineness and beauty, it is not difficult to suppose, that the roots of carpet-weaving go far back to the earlier period of history, because a carpet is the result of creative work of many generations of nameless weavers from the people.

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This tourist itinerary goes through the places that associated with the name of Alexander the Great. Ancient Nisa – residence of Parthian Kingdom remember the majestic steps of Iskander. Canyon of Alexander the Great (settlement Nohur), where as legends he lost his sumptuous gold helmet.  Pulhatyn (“Pul” – money, “Hatyn” – woman) bridge in Serahs city, where the army of Alexander the Great crossed the river Ox in their march to India.

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Tour to the excavations of Margiana (ancient country was Margush) will carry you to the 29th century B.C.  Margush – is the ancient country, as it was proved as a new hearth of civilization.

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Visit the capital of Independent and Neutral Turkmenistan – city Ashgabat (in translation “City of Love”). “Las-Vegas” in the desert! So called the tourists of Ashgabat. Magnificent city with unique buildings where the newest architectural structures interlaced with traditional eastern colouring, with cascades of large waterfalls, grand palaces and parks with southern exotic plants. 

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Visit sleepy desert cities along the Great Silk Road, experience vibrant bazaars filled with delicious local food and intricate handicrafts enjoying the hospitality of locals within our Turkmenistan’s Silk Road Tour. 

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