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Darvaza is one of the places that should be on the must-visit list of every serious explorer who likes to visit Earth’s most breath-taking sites. Darvaza is a gas crater the burning gates of which have been flaming for upwards of 37 years.

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Visually, Nohur is unlike any other site found in Turkmenistan. Rich in history, nature and tribal custom, Nohur is set 1,100 m above the Karakum Desert in the cool mountain valleys of southwestern Turkmenistan.

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The present Ashgabat distinguishes itself with its own style, combining the best traditions of national architecture and the achievements of modern town-building such as “Arch of Neutrality”, “Memorial Complex”, “National Museum”, “Monument and the park of Independence”, “Ice Palace”, “Path of health”, “The fairy tale world of Turkmenbashy”,

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Map of Turkmenistan