The transportation sector has focused on developing railway, air, motor and sea transport. Air transportation provided by the National Turkmen airlines, connects the our country with a number of countries: Great Britain, Turkey, Russia, United Arabian Emirates, India, Thailand, Germany, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan as well as NIS countries. In 1994 a large scale air terminal was opened in Ashgabat. International carriers flying into Ashgabat including Lufthansa and Turkish airlines that fly 3 and 4 times a week respectively, usually reaching Ashgabat late at night. Lufthansa stops over in Baku (Azerbaijan). 

Railway transports. Daily departures to Turkmenabat, Mary and Turkmenbashy while trains to Dashoguz every other day.  The largest railway junctions are Ashgabat, Mary, Turkmenabat, Dashoguz, Turkmenbashy, Gushgy and Sarahs.  There are no international trains between Turkmenistan and others foreign.

Highways in Turkmenistan stretch for 14 thousand km. The main highway, Turkmenbashy – Ashgabat – Turkmenabat, crosses the entire developed area of Turkmenistan, connecting the Western and the Eastern regions of the country. 

The number of new passenger routes is growing extensively. A new motor terminal has been put into operation in Ashgabat.  

Sea transport. The seaport in Turkmenbashy is Turkmenistan’s Western gate. It is a large trans – shipping point for foreign economic links with both Turkmenistan and littoral Caspian States of Azerbaijan (Baku), Iran (Enzeli, Bender Turkmen), Russia (Astrakhan), through the Volga Don canal and the Sea of Azov, Turkey, Bulgaria, the Ukraine and other states. The volume of sea shipping is growing from day to day. It is the main reason for the resolution of the President of Turkmenistan to reconstruct the sea port complex in Turkmenbashy. 


The Altyn Asyr local mobile phone network and MTS works throughout the city areas. In 2008, MTS started offering Internet service to mobile subscribers via GPRS. Altyn Asyr was first to launch 3G and 2 mpbs mobile internet service in March 2010. Move surprised mobile customers as the provider was known for inferior but cheaper service. In 2013 Altyn Asyr launched a 4G network based on LTE.

Turkmen language belongs to a Turkic group of languages (closely related to Turkish) has been the official language since 1990. It is therefore now used in all official state and literary matters. The Cyrillic scripts gradually converted into the Latin alphabet. Turkmen, Russian and English are the most widespread foreign languages. 


Map of Turkmenistan