In order to take Turkmen rugs or jewelry out of the country you need to present an official receipt and registration form from the State or Hotel shop where you bought the items to customs officials. Items purchased otherwise such as those bought at Tolkuchka (Oriental) Bazaar are subject to a documentation procedure that requires our assistance and takes at little more time. Many antique souvenirs, especially silver and items dating back as little as 20 years are entirely retricted from export.  


Permission from the Ministry of Culture is required to export carpets or other objects of art. Carpets produced before 1975 may not be exported at all. Export certificates for carpets are issued by the Museum of Turkmen Carpets, which seals the carpets and issues the export certificate, after the appropriate fee has been paid in manta currency (the amount depends on the size of the carpets). 


Practical, light clothing is quite sufficient in Turkmenistan. More elegant dress is advisable for business meeting or for social events. Light cotton clothing is advisable for the hot summer month, whilst warm attire, a cap, gloves and boots are essential for the cold winter. One should not forget that Turkmenistan is a muslim country, even though the people are very western in their ways and there are no strict rules to observe.


Map of Turkmenistan