Turkmenistan is the young Independent and Neutral State located in Central Asia to the north of Kopetdag Mountains, between the Caspian Sea, in the West and Amu Darya River in the east. 

The territory of Turkmenistan is extended 1100 km. from east to west and 650 km. from north to south. The total area of the state is 491.2 thousand sq. km. Population is 6 million people. 

Turkmenistan borders with Kazakhstan in the north, with Uzbekistan in the east and northeast, with Iran in the south, with Afghanistan in the south-east. The northern and the central part of the territory of Turkmenistan is occupied by sandy deserts of the Turan plain, the Central, Zaungus and Southeast Karakums (as a whole, about 80% of the territory).  

Ashgabat is the capital of Turkmenistan. 

Climate is sharply continental, droughty, with a hot and dry summer period. The average temperature of January is +4С, July +28С. 

The State language is Turkmen. English and Russian are the languages of International Communication. 

The currency of Turkmenistan is Manat, introduced on November 1, 1993.

Administrative centers: Ashgabat (Ahal region), Balkanabad (Balkan region), Dashoguz (Dashoguz region), Turkmenabad (Lebap region), Mary (Mary region).

Turkmenistan includes 5 regions – velayats, each of them with unique features.


Map of Turkmenistan